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Seven organisations from five countries are involved in the project.

Ocellus Information Systems AB

OCELLUS was founded in 1996 and is an education company specialised in GIS and the geodata industry. OCELLUS have provided GIS educations for over 25 years, ranging from shorter commissioned courses, 1-year labour market educations for the Swedish Public Employment Service to 2-year Vocational educations (VET). Our main focus is teaching in practical knowledge of the management of geodata and GIS software and combining them together.

OCELLUS runs, among other things, two VET programs – “Mobile Systems and GIT” and “GIS coordinator”, both are two-year programmes. OCELLUS is the coordinator for the ERASMUS+ project, BIRGIT.

Sweden (Uppsala)

Novogit AB

Novogit is a consultancy company, specialised in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI). We have long experience in research, research strategies, GIS development, training and curricula development at university level as well as vocational training. As an example, training material related to the INSPIRE directive and based on e-learning concepts, have been developed and made publicly available at various e-learning sites across Europe.

Sweden (Jonaker)

GISIG – Geographical Information Systems International Group

GISIG is a European network for the innovation and technology transfer in the sector of GIS and their applications. Its members, from more than 20 EU Countries, are Universities and research institutions, GIS technology suppliers, local bodies and companies operating on territorial subjects. GISIG has a long record of experiences in the areas of GIS, both on tools and on their applications with an interdisciplinary approach.

Italy (Genova)


FORMA.Azione is a VET and AL Centre accredited to the Region of Umbria. Its specific competence is in the Training Cycle and it has extensive expertise in designing, implementing and assessing training programmes for unemployed, or for the upskilling of workers. It operates in different economic and professional sectors such as culture and BIM, by cooperating with experts and practitioners on the fields. FORMA.Azione has coordinated and implemented several European projects under Programmes such as Erasmus+, REC and now CERV.

Italy (Perugia)

Asociación de la Industria Navarra

Ain is a private non-profit organization and a technology and innovation centre located in Navarre, Spain. AIN is also the training centre of reference, where professionals from organizations, companies and VET students and teachers are trained. The training department is focused on developing innovative training and educational programs to improve the competitiveness of the companies by adapting its professional profiles and upskill workers and students, specially in the acquisition of digital and technical competences to adapt their profile to work with the new technologies. Integral training programs in all professional and personal levels are developed at functional scopes and different areas focused on personal development and coaching and training courses in technical and technological competences and transversal and soft skills. Our main objectives are: to carry out research and development projects; Assessment in technical and training issues; Improving of competitiveness and company management; People training and development.

Spain (Cordovilla)

University North (Sveuciliste Sjever)

University North is the youngest public University in Croatia, founded in January 2014. Situated in the north-western region of Croatia, a developed economic region with good economic, cultural and road connections to neighbouring countries – Hungary, Slovenia and Austria, the University was created as a response to the needs of the most densely populated region in Croatia. With almost 4000 students and more than 400 teaching staff distributed in two university centres (University Centre Varaždin and University Centre Koprivnica). It was established for the purpose of educating competent staff in the field of technical, biomedical, biotechnical, social and humanistic, interdisciplinary sciences and arts, while its activities and scientific accomplishments seek to contribute to the advancement of the economy of the north-western region.

Croatia (Koprivnica, Varaždin)

European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training

EfVET was founded in 1991 to build a network of practitioner VET institutions to secure a voice across Europe in the policy arena, and also to share and establish good practices in the delivery of VET learning.
As such, EfVET mission is to enhance VET provision across all members through an active networking of all key actors and to create the capacity to influence policy at European and National level.
EfVET is based in Brussels and currently represents over 1500 VET Institutions in Europe reaching out to approximately 600 000 learners and 50 000 VET professionals, with links to the global state of Technical and Vocational Education and Training. Moreover, EfVET sits on a number of key working groups and coordinating bodies across the European Commission´s policy domain and also advises CEDEFOP working groups, some of which connected to CEDEFOP Community of Learning Providers.

Belgium (Bruxelles)