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Transnational Meetings

Six consortium meetings are planned during 2022 – 2024.

  • February 2022 Kick-off meeting, virtual
  • June 2022 Progress meeting in Uppsala, Sweden
  • April 2023 Progress meeting in Perugia, Italy

More about meeting in Perugia

Representatives of all project partners met in Perugia, Italy, on the 4th and 5th of April, 2023. We discussed modules and courses to be developed in PR3 and we divided responsibilities for the leadership of the development process according to the modified SCRUM methodology, as agreed earlier.

Further, we addressed dissemination activities and strategies, both in past end in future, as well as risk management. We also brainstormed to fill in SWOT-analysis in order to be aware of the opportunities and issues and to revisit it in future meetings. It was decided that the next meeting will be hold in Pamplona, Spain, in January 2024.

In essence, the meting brought fruitful discussions and possibilities to get know each other even better. Unofficial debates and conversations were much more conductive and rewarding, compared to the Teams online meetings.

  • Next coming meeting will take place in Pamplona, Spain, in January 2024.
  • After that, we plan to meet in Varazdin, Croatia, in June 2024.

Multiplier Events

Six multiplier events are planned during 2024, final year of the project. Aim of these events is to inform stakeholders about the new training offers.

  • April 2024 – Ocellus, Sweden
  • May 2024 – GISIG, Italy
  • September 2024 – Asociacion de la Industria Navarra, Spain
  • October 2024 – FORMA.Azione, Italy
  • October 2024 – EfVET, Belgium
  • December 2024 – University North, Croatia