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Meeting in Pamplona, Spain, January 2024

Representatives of all project partners met in Pamplona, Spain, on the 23rd and 24th of January 2024. We continued to discuss the courses in development and how to successfully finish the process in order to can start to publish the courses during the spring. The optimal way of course publishing and dissemination was also debated.

Further, we addressed the localisation of the courses and started to plan the course-testing and evaluation in the PR4. What courses will be localised and tested by which partner and the evaluation questions and forms were the main questions which we continue to discuss during the spring.

University North informed other partners about next transnational meeting that will take place in Varazdin, Croatia, in June 2024. At the same week, there will be also the first Multiplier Event and a conference there, which the consortium partners can attend as well.

As usually, the meting gave us possibility to communicate on another level when compared to Teams online meetings. Important decisions about project continuation were resolved.

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